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causes of cancer

causes of cancer

The 6 cancer-causing household goods
6 Domestic cancer become cyzynsyyrtuyt
Here on Wednesday, 30 November 2016

There may be things that cause cancer in smart living and need to avoid. Photo File
There may be things that cause cancer in smart living and need to avoid. Photo File
Karachi: Every man naturally understands the sweetest and safest place to his home world, cancer (cancer in the same house) because things may also be present.
These objects of domestic use are there are compounds that time and as a result of the tumor as dangerous and deadly disease may also pose because they are naytrubnzyn, Farm Yield Hyde and mythaylyn chloride as hazardous substances. Besides plastic and rubber materials made from common household items can be hidden in artificial fragrance. This article is about a few household items so you can stay cautious.

causes of cancer
Fragrant candles:

Expensive and high quality candles (especially those who are in the room to spread the scent of burning) using coarse thread with fine lead, indoor space in between to keep the flame burning. Experts say that the lead is used in 40 percent of strings fragrant candles available in the market. And indoor air lead-out lead as the candle is the risk of cancer in children is severely increased.
Environment in the global organization of environmental protection related to lead contamination (EPA) has said he has set standards 5 times higher than the safe limit for them, according to the lead children emitted into the atmosphere from lead strings with candles Is.
That is, if you have your health and love your children expel the fragrant candles from home for the first time and use cotton strings with candles.

causes of cancer

Air freshener:

Eliminating odor in the air and used air freshener to make the environment pleasant is also common in our homes here, but these are the volatile organic compounds in air fresheners (volatile organic compounds) that can cause cancer. Homes are a study conducted on 13 air fresheners from being used to affect the reproductive system found in most air fresheners, and other compounds to asthmatics.
So is not another study found that the number of air fresheners, not only dangerous, toxic and cancer-causing compounds are present in the list of ingredients on cans of air freshener entry. Surely it is better to be used for natural perfume fragrance to live safe it is critical.

Rubber cement glues, permanent markers, paints and aykraylk can create other similar objects that belong to cosmetics or ‘art’ ‘They also cause allergies and cancers of various organs damage. Especially children, is not so strong because it’s very dangerous these artificial things natural defense system that could withstand their harmful effects.
Odor repellents products:causes of cancer

To eliminate odor emanating from sweat and body to create a fragrant, dyudurynt, called the products are widely used in homes because health is very bad reputation in terms of the various generics cancers (cancers) the compounds are to be included.

Seems strange, but reports of toxic compounds including smpuwn long time in circulation. These scientific studies are still ongoing but we recommend that a caution is better than regret later today.

causes of cancer

Shower curtain:

Semi-transparent curtain made of plastic, which is made out of the shower, they also include volatile organic compounds like air freshener (VOCs). It can only lead to many diseases, including cancer exit and very small quantities in the atmosphere around the bathroom.

causes of cancer

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